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Probate Court Guardianship (Minor) Forms

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Guardianship of Minor Guides

General Purpose Motion - Instructions

Guidelines for Application to Expend Funds

Pay or Deliver - Filing Guide

Report of Distribution of Minor or Adult Claims - Filing Guide

Minor Guardianship - Filing Guide

Application for Minor Guardianship Checklist

Application to Settle Minor's Claim Checklist

Guardianship of Minor Forms

Form 15.0 - Next of Kin of Proposed Ward

Form 15.1 - Waiver of Notice and Consent

Form 15.7 - Application for Authority to Expend Funds

Form 16.0 - Application for Appointment of Guardian of Minor
Filing must include:

Form 16.1 - Affidavit

Form 16.2 - Selection of Guardian by Minor over 14 Years of Age

Form 16.6 - Application for Appointment of Successor Custodian

Form 16.7 - Consent to Application to Appoint Successor Custodian

Forms 16.65 and 16.75 - Application to Pay or Deliver Estate of a Minor without the Appointment of a Guardian

Form 16.75 - Pay or Deliver Acknowledgment of Responsibility

Form 22.0 - Application to Settle a Minor’s Claim
Filing must include:

Form 45D - Confidential Disclosure of Personal Identifiers

Application to Release Funds Upon Emancipation

General Purpose Motion

Guardian's Affidavit

Motion to Terminate Guardianship of Estate Only

Motion to Terminate Guardianship of Person Only

Receipt of Emancipated Ward

Report of Newly Discovered Assets

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